How much money can you make?

According to PSA, with their own official statistics being used it is estimated a 99% loss rate for consumers induced to invest in "their own Amway business". 99%! Can you be in the top 1%? One in 100 people can, so it is not impossible, but given the saturation of such a business opportunity on the population already, and the pyramid structure required to make easy profit, the reality is that becoming that 1% is even more competitive than you think.
In the well publicised UK court case against Amway, Justice Norris, who presided over the case, reviewed IBO income and in his 2008 decision determined that approximately only 90 IBO's out of a total of 33,000 made enough to cover the expenses of building their business.

Dick Devos head of Amway corporation

In Network 21 style motivational organizations in the US there is reportedly almost a 100% loss rate in any given MLM scheme of this nature. There is documentation to suggest Amway has been aware of this for nearly 20 years.
SO not only do many people lose friends, respect, and relationships, almost none of them make a single cent. The artistry that is the cult of Network21 network marketing seems beyond a joke! Lets hope the water filters have a greater success rate, and are not a scam either.

How can the facts be determined?
My advice before considering any multi level marketing system, make sure you are shown proven results, such as tax returns of those claiming to get rich from this business opportunity, seek independent reviews, and ask as many questions as you can.
Investigate other home business websites, not just the Quixstar or Amway official pages.

How much can a Quixtar distributor make in profits, only about 1400 dollars a year, "according to the fine print of the companies own registration materials".
In other news the Madoff Ponzi Scam is an interesting news item.
Do your own research, and investigate other websites. There are plenty of ways to make money on the internet and offline.


Tex said...

The main idea you have to keep in mind is the Platinum level is the typical break even point if you participate in the tool scam. This means you can start making money when you can get several dozen new IBO's to accept operating at a net loss until they can do what you did to break even.

IBOFB said...

You say -
approximately only 90 IBO's out of a total of 33,000 made enough to cover the expenses of building their business.

That was not a finding of the judge, it was the judge summarising what BERR was claiming and it was highly misleading. This must be considered in light of the fact BERR lost the case. From folk involved with the case I'v learned it was based on exaggerated expense claims as well as poor statistical analysis - of which the latter is apparent just in the claim itself.

I suggest you read Amway Success - What are your odds for a better understanding of the statistics.

You also say -
How much can a Quixtar distributor make in profits, only about 1400 dollars a year, according to the fine print of the companies own registration materials.

This is a complete false statement. That "average" is not how much you can profit, it's an average of all the folk defined as "active", which, if you bothered to actually read the fine print, includes people who just make one attempt in a whole year to sell something, or once, in a whole year, buy enough stuff for their own use in a month to get a bonus. I don't know about you, but $1400/yr is in my opinion an extremely good income for spending 30 seconds to ask your borther if he wants to buy a can of XS - and he says no. Don't you agree? No - you're probably objecting that's absurd, that they won't get $1400 for that. And you are completely correct, they'll get $0. But they're included in that average. What do you think folk who actually work earn? Look at the average incomes for various levels of achievement and you get a better idea. About $50,000/yr for a Platinum - and that was before recent bonus increases. Millions for the top achievers. How much can you earn? Millions. The facts and evidence are there.

Re Tex's comment, as a user of N21 I was breaking even at around the 9% level, and that is typical for N21. Tex has been told this before but doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

So IBOFB, you can guarantee that I can make $1400 a year by asking someone to drink XS? Is that what your saying?

That's total bull. No wonder they call the business "scamway". YOu are promoting a scam. Nobody makes $1400 for asking someone to drink XS. You sir, are a con man.

Anonymous said...

hi all i am in amway in Australia. I was with N21 until a couple of days ago this is what I found happening with us .Over the 2 years we have been involved (slow learner) is out of the $12,000 we spent $8,000 of that was on N21 materials which did't convince or train me to be any better at PROSPECTING anyone.As far as the Amway products are concerned I don't really have a problem with them and continue to use some of them.My thoughts on the whole system is that that model of marketing probably worked in the 70s &80s but these days people are so much busyier than then and don't want to spend there nights away from their families showing the business concept to people who really have no chance of making it work,to hopefully make heaps of money when the fact is that there is very little money availble for the majority of IBOs.I was talking to a couple of EX IBOs in the weekend of which one was a Emerald and the other was a Platinum. Both questioned the amount of money they were making as it was not living up to expectations, then decided to follow other avenues.When Amway found out about this promptly terminated their membership. To me this sounds very two faced as they encourge you to sponser from other networks. I don't expect to be with Amway much longer as I would expect they will also terminate my membership. I don't think I will cry for too long. As Ned Keely said "Such is life" Cheers good luck with what ever you persue.

Scumway said...

If you are not positioned high enough to make money on the books, tapes and seminars, you will not make money. Unless of course you get involved with a Don Storm Ponzi scheme. LOL