Amway Products Price list

One of the biggest advantages that these network marketing businesses tout as a reason for joining is they claim they can offer discount products, massively below retail prices.
Let's review the research, and do a comparison to compare their true product prices.

To summarise the lengthy study on Amway's product pricelist comparison by Sidney Schwartz, on average you will in fact be paying around 50% more money for Amway products versus the same type of product in a retail store or supermarket!

In my own study a quick example of Amway vs Retail:
Looking at the price of the XS 250ml energy drink from the Australian Amway website the price listed works out to be $2.95 Australian Dollars (AUD) a can when bought in bulk, using their RRP of $35.40 for a 12 pack.

The price for Red Bull 250ml energy drink works out to be $2.50 AUD per can when bought in a carton from a retail store (source: Glendalough Liquor Centre, Perth, Australia, as well as many other retailers found online).

$2.95 XS 250ml Energy drink
$2.50 Red Bull 250ml can

That means the retail product is 18% less expensive!

The official documentation:
If you find the MLM organization's reports on price comparisons they may only list a limited amount of products. Their report may be just including products where there is a true discount, but omitting prices above retail price. Statistics are easily played with to get the right bias. Amway and Quixtar are famous for all their products being overpriced, so it's not just the earnings claims which can be inflated. Just another scheme for them to get rich quick and make money off your hard work.

The figures they list are rated against standard retail stores. If you used an online retailer or price compare website, the discount is likely to be even greater!

Online retailers have much lower overheads than traditional retail stores. If you wish to compare the difference in prices of competing products, or even to get the best prices for the same product, online price comparison sites are a wonderful resource, with huge savings and discounts once you find the cheapest items. In Malaysia, Singapore and India comparable products to Amway's from a local store likely will be even cheaper still, without even taking into consideration the annual fees.

If you are seriously considering the "benefits" of purchasing new everyday products from "multi level marketing" network marketers like Network 21 or Quixtar, do not take price compare information off the internet (including us!) for the final word. For truly unbiased information, and all the compelling details it is best to do your own research. Check prices yourself directly, on as many items as you can.


IBOFB said...

Is Red Bull a no/low calorie energy drink with adaptogenic herbs?

Didn't think so.

Mr Million said...

"XS Electric Lemon Blast" 8.4oz can contains 16 calories.
"Red bull sugar free" 8.3oz can contains 10 calories.

So I do "think so".

If I wanted a healthy drink I certainly would not recommend drinking either of these brand of drinks. There are much easier and cheaper ways to consume adaptogens.

If I wanted an energy drink I would choose Red Bull over XS.
I save money because it is cheaper, tastes better and I get to keep my self respect / no need to sell my soul to Scamway.

Anonymous said...

A co worker tried ot sell me some of that XS drink. When I saw the prices I declined because I could get three times as much for the same price by purchasing Amp energy drink, which is made by Pepsi I think.

IBOFB said...

And I think Red Bull is one of the worst tasting concotions in the history of mankind.

I however understand that some people like it and want it anyway.

Mr Million said...

And the majority of people worldwide know Amway is one of the worst concoctions in the history of mankind.

I however don't understand that some people like it and want it anyway.

Stef said...

Why are you comparing only one product? How about you look at say DishDrops or window cleaner or any other L.O.C. product? Ou, than you will realize that the price would be much cheaper that in retail with even or better quality. What do you REALLY know about the products?

Mr Million said...

Hi Stef, I have taken up your challenge: Dish Drops comparison

ozamwayvictims said...

Nice to see another Australian perspective of Amway in the blogosphere.

Will definitely be putting a link to your blog on our blog :)

Mr Million said...

Thanks for that OzAV. I will have to set up the same feature soon.

I wonder how many people people with sites like ours us we have helped "see the light". We must be saving people millions.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Mr Mil. We need more people like you to show the truth!

Amyway said...

Ah, the Amyway dream is still alive and well. My all time favorite scam. The products are terrible and overpriced, the people too. They should get paid a bonus for misleading and deceptive behaviour, oh they already do?

XS Energy drink is the most disgusting piece of junk I have ever consumed.
Amyway is a scam.