Easy multi level marketing leads in N21?

Why would you join a multi level marketing business opportunity that has existed since 1959? Everyone already knows about Amway. In the sixties it would have been much simpler, but now all the easy money pickings have dried up. Everyone has heard of Amway, and just mentioning the word sends cold shivers down some peoples spines (why do you think they changed their name to Quixtar in Northern America). There are still some good opportunities in developing countries opening up their trade restrictions such as India, Russia, Africa, Vietnam, China / Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia. Of course there is still some money to be made in countries like United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, the rest of Europe and the UK (United Kingdom), but why do the job the hard way?

MLM Money making scam
The trick for continued lucrative success in direct marketing businesses in this day and age is to attack the emerging markets with proven products, or new innovative products in existing markets (where you will not be at the bottom of the pyramid, and face immediate resistance, and possibly be punched in the nose for mentioning Amway water filters, Nutrilite or Artistry to friends).

For the best mlm business opportunity start at the top of the downline and beat the company name resistance, avoid any negative aspects, methods, or brands for the easiest conversions.

If you do have a desire to get in on mlm and you have a lot of friends / business / networking leads / prospects you can quickly contact then there is money to be made (if you sign them up), especially if you are a motivated individual. Seek easy leads. Research other top network marketing companies for the fast easy money.