Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager is one of the most famous Amway distributors. Although not notable enough for a wiki page, Dexter Yager and wife Birdie have been featured on 60 minutes, showing off their luxurious house, and bold claims about his net worth have been made.

How did Dexter Yager earn his wealth? Through Amway, or through a scam? Or through his alleged ties as a freemason? Many see him as a scam artist and a cheat.

The facts and truth are this author of "Dynamic People Skills" and Crown Ambassador distributor Dexter Yager was charged by a former Amway employee with sexual harassment in the Michigan Circuit Court. Excellent people skills indeed.

This from someone who claims God speaks to him directly (there is more brief information on his extremist right ring views on wikipedia) That kind of crazy talk reminds me of a cult leader. The official court complaint states Mr.Yager intentionally, unlawfully, and repeatedly touched this innocent young Amway employee in a sexually suggestive manner, including fondling her neck and pinching her in the genital area.

Following these events the young woman lost her job. I would hazard a guess presumably Dexter's company fired her after she complained of the disgusting attacks that took place during the meeting with "IBOA" board members.

Some famous Dexter Yager quotes "Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream"; Sexual assault is stealing someone's dream and innocence, one of the most cowardly acts.
Another quote "If the dream is big enough the facts don't matter". Actually Mr.Yager the facts of the law do matter, as much as someone dreams about violating an employee the facts remain it is illegal.

How any business could run in such a fashion I do not understand. What kind of values do Amway leaders believe in? If these events did happen in front of other IBOA board members such as Jim Dornan, and they permit such acts to occur, these are not the kind of people I would want to be associated with.

The case was eventually settled before it went to court. It is likely the victim was compensated to keep the issue quiet and away from a jury trial. Amway / Quixtar does not need it's brand tarnished any further than it already is. Unfortunately due to this fact, we will never know the truth and full extent of the lies and corruption surrounding what would have surfaced about the involved parties and Amway employees. I wonder what wife Birdie Yager thinks of these events?


Joecool said...

I read the transcript of a speech where Dexter impies that he is God, and another speech where his wife claims that God inspired her with a chapter of the book of acts that was not published. These folks are in my opinion, charlatans, snake oil salesmen and wolves in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous said...

Dexter Yeager is going straight to hell for all the people lives he has destroyed to keep his dream alive by tricking people into spending their money promoting a system of mind control.

Popa said...

If that system of mind control helps me live my dreams to the max without hurting people, I'm in. But if some people hurt themselves out of their own stupidity, I'm still in. I cannot be held responsible for those people's stupidity. How do you know for sure that you're going straight to heaven?

God said...

Popa, you have belief in the religious cult, and the Amway cult. You are one of those stupid people you talk about.

If you don't believe this money making system hurts people, how do you account for all the people complaining it has ruined their lives? You are ignorant.

At least you had the honesty to admit you are being scammed and brainwashed with mind control.

Mark said...

People talk about mind control but don't realise that this is exactly what every aspect of the world entails. Have you every voted? Have you ever listened to TV or radio ads? What about, and this one's for you 'GOD', religion. Now let's not go into a religious argument but all of these areas use the power of influence and structure to attempt to control aspects of your mind. Hopefully people are smart enough to realise that most are for the better.
I don't know of Dexter but if he does indeed spoof that he is god-like then that IS wrong, very wrong. Saying that, in every facet of life there are those that abuse the generosity of others and those that have to struggle setting a good example. How many politicians have been charged with fraud or have issues, priests?, teachers? even some parents? If we choose to paint everyone with the same tarnished brush then you need to look at your own community and start to trust no-one. What life would that be?
All I can suggest is to set the example yourself. Bigotry and close-mindedness is dangerous and I know that people are passionate about topics like this but why not step up and support those that are not like Dexter and others but genuinely try to help others and want to develop and improve their own lives.

Anonymous said...


I was a member of Dexter Yeager's NY group for about a year. It took me that long to start seeing through the people and my Up Line sponsor. My sponsor closly followed Dexters attitude in every way. Politics and do it my way or else got old in short order.

To be fair I learned some principles that helped me succeed in other area's of life in which I became very successful. Since I left Amway in 1982 my life has been great. I managed to get out before I lost my family. Thank God!!!

Anonymous said...

"Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" -Matthew 22:21 In short you can not worship both god and wealth. I do not know how Mr. Yeager missed this one

exScAmway said...

@ Popa

"If that system of mind control helps me live my dreams to the max without hurting people, I'm in. But if some people hurt themselves out of their own stupidity, I'm still in. I cannot be held responsible for those people's stupidity."

Gosh, that sounds like a psychopathic conman (or -woman); justifying taking advantage of people. So, let's say some old lady is "stupid" enough to give you her entire pension, that's no problem for you, and because of her stupidity you're entitled to take her for a ride? Yours for the taking, huh? Just remember that thing called 'karma'.

Mind control is unethical and immoral. But then again, conmen don't really care about compassion, ethics or morals, do they?

And the thing is that people DO get hurt.

As for Dexter being 'god-like'... sounds like narcissistic personality disorder. Yeah. As in 'anti-social personality', as in 'sociopath'.

Some of these techniques of manipulating people is no different from methods used by cults and perpetrators of domestic abuse.