Scam Diagram

If you ever wanted to know what the business structure of Amway is, observe the below diagram

How does the famous mlm business opportunity work? When you become part of the Amway family, you become an integral part of the company structure, a cornerstone of it. The bottom cornerstone.
What do I mean?
Well, a pyramid is one of the strongest structures known to man, some say stronger than the "trapezoid". When you drop out of Quixtar or Network 21 after working your butt off for limited money there will be another sucker there to take your place.
There are definitely people getting rich off this, who make money beyond your wildest dreams.

New distributors get in at the bottom of a solid marketing venture, a pyramid structure. A select few such as Dexter Yager, Rich Devos or Jim Dornan sit at the top of the cult and have money fights.
Observe the distributor diagram:
Amway business structure
It's a joke ;)


Anybody can said...

You have noooooo idea what you are talking about! Amway and N21 is two of the most fair companies on the planet! If you call it a pyramid your facts are terrible wrong!

Mr Million said...

In the United Kingdom High Court of Justice it was described as a "pyramid" and compared to a pyramid scheme several times through the court case.

The Federal Trade Commission also made similar claims, and Amway was fined for breaching court cases in the past.

Their existing business structures were banned and modified because of these issues.

Tell me, can someone in the bottom of the pyramid downline sell Amway Business Support Material (BSM tools) to someone in their upline? The answer is No.
Is that fair?

Anonymous said...

My goodness did you just type "pyramid scheme" in google and come up with this description?? That is not how Network 21 or Amway work AT ALL. If you bothered to look into it, Network 21 works through TEAMS of people, with each person in the team helping to sell products & recruit members. The points accumulate upline according to who joined first. There is no pyramid. Get your facts straight before you post such outdated crap.

Mr Million said...

To the pyramid scheme lover above, open your eyes. I guess the High Court of Justice is not as smart as you. Maybe you should bother looking into it before you make such ignorant claims. Tell me can a new recruit in multi level marketing sell Amway / "motivational" tools to people in their upline, no. Why not? Sounds like a scam to me, and the essence of the Network 21 business plan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr M, can you sell the manual books to your teachers?

But why do you care about the BSM tools? That's not about this business.

Let me guess, Mr Million, I don't think you are Million-aire as your name. You may be even poor.

Anonymous said...

To the person who is clearly a member of Amyway, in your own words:

"The points accumulate upline according to who joined first"

mmm...lets translate that into a simple diagram for the kiddies

Person who joined 1st
Profits, up way!

Pretty sure thats how the Egyptians did it!!