What is Network 21?

Jim Dornan, an American Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owner (IBO) started Network TwentyOne in 1989. Network 21 markets itself as an "education and training company" pushing Professional Development Programs, books, and materials to other IBOs working with other network marketing companies such as Quixtar and Amway. N21 now operates in many countries across the world including Australia, Germany, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, United States and Russia.
So just who is Jim Dornan?

Jim Dornan of Network 21
In his own words he is a "leader of leaders". Modest too. The difference between Amway and N21 is that N21 sells the same products, as well as pushing "motivational" tools to help IBO's sell more products, see What is Amway for further difference and clarification between them both. It's a money making scheme on top of a money making scheme.
In 2002 Leslie Giblin, who authored the book "Skill with People" sued Network 21 for copyright infringement through unauthorized printing and selling of his book in multiple countries.
In a recent court case it was claimed by an expert law professor that "Amway business is run in a manner that is parallel to that of major organized crime groups, in particular the Mafia". Interesting claim.

Another common claim, made by those who feel it is a scam, say the real riches behind these multi level marketing business opportunities, and the key to get rich from them is to sell motivational materials to back them up. This gives the impression that is where the true "easy money" is (if there is at all in mlm), as there is no money to be made in Amway itself, except by those who own / started the business.


Tex said...

Jim Dornan isn't a leader of leaders, he's an LCK of LCK's (Lying Cowardly "Kingpins.")

IBOFB said...

Yet another example of you deliberately misleading people by leaving out pertinent information. You mention the fact that Les Giblin sued Network 21 for copyright infringement. Fair enough, he did. Makes N21 look bad doesn't it?

Not half as bad as it makes you look though, when it's known that the case was settled out of court after Les Giblin's nephew and webmaster apologised and informed the court the infringement occurred because of a mistake he made.

There is no good reason for you to omit this information and for you to have done so puts your honesty and integrity in a very poor light.

Mr Million said...

Yes, the nephew had made an error with the dates, however they did still settle out of court. It's not as if the judge threw the case out.
There is no deliberate misleading here.

IBOFB said...

Are you serious? A judge can't throw out a case if the person who filed the lawsuit withdraws it.

We have no idea what the settlement was. It could have been Giblin paying N21 for damage caused by the lawsuit!

The fact remains, Giblin's webmaster admitted he was the cause of the error and that N21 had made the mistake in good faith.

I could have accepted it was an accidental error, but your defence implies it was indeed a deliberate one. You have deliberately left out extremely pertinent information which significantly changes the picture drawn of the parties involved.

Mr Million said...

I already stated the additional facts as truth, I am in no way denying it. I want the truth to be known.

To state I am deliberately leaving out facts is without basis and pure vitriol.
Let's leave personal attacks out of this and keep this informative.

Anonymous said...

Is IBOFB some official representative from Network 21?

Sounds like he's their PR spokesperson or something?

Mr Million said...

You would think so wouldn't you, or just a very close minded person.

Mr Million said...

Amquix sourced reports claiming that Network 21 settled for $250,000

Tex said...

Who cares about an out of court settlement for a relatively small amount of money. The tool scam is several magnitudes bigger.

Ian said...

The annual membership fee for Amway is 30 EUROs. If we accept the fact that Amway or network21 or whatever you want to call it has 10,000,000 members worldwide then the company annual income from membership fees comes to 300,000,000 EURO. That’s right people you pay just to have access to their product lists, you pay to buy their products , you pay to attend the seminars to sum up you are a living- breathing advertising campaign that pays back !!!!!! I have to pay my respects to the Think Tanks that came up with this plan and made it happen. For those about to FRAUD we salute you !!!!

Gary said...

Perhaps you might want to consider the business model more completely. Amway sends out magazines to its distributors - high print quality magazines that are not funded by advertising dollars of other companies. Consider that the cost is only 2.5 Euros per distributor per month (very cheap) and Amway has only recovered its cost. Not to say that this is how the annual membership money is applied. Just pointing out that this money cannot be viewed in isolation.

one said...

so what if you are enriching the founders of the amway business, is that not what business is about? profit making? atleast with amway you get some money for buying the products and recruiting other people to buy the products, unlike at your local supermarket where you pay you money, the profit goes to someone else and you get nothing out of it.Obviously you have to work hard to make money out of amway, but thats the rule of life,you work, you earn

Mr Million said...

"One", if the only people profiting are the people at the top, that is a pyramid scheme.
"at least with amway you get some money for buying the products"
Money for buying products? That does not make any sense at all. To spend money but first have to pay money to get it is called the "Nigerian scam". Amway is a lot more elaborate than that scam, but to put it simple, to get paid a small percentage to buy products, you are by definition making a loss on the money you spent, and you will always fail. That is not an investment, that is ignorance, recruit away young slave.