Amway Reviews

Why is it so hard to find any positive Amway reviews? Everyone I've found is either written by the PR team as part of their creepy propaganda, or by someone high up on the pyramid.

The majority of people sticking up for the Amway scam on here always say the same trained monkeys, they say how good the system is, but going by Amway's official statistics it is likely not one of them is making money, at least not covering costs of running a business, let alone paying for their time. What does that tell you? They also always say it is not an illegal scam, it has been around for many years. Yes, it has been making the founders very rich at the top of their pyramid, but the people at the bottom of the pyramid have an extremely high turnover, and are replaced by even more new people year after year, most not making any money at all.

We got one interesting comment from what seems like a level headed and intelligent person, as per Gillian's message below:

Yes I was rung up by a "friend" of a friend. She attempted to groom me; her technique was unpolished and unsophisticated, but persistent. She layered praise after praise upon me; that she said my friend was supposed to have said.

The next day she called me and the next, and the next! (I am thankful I live in another state; phone calls is all she had!) She gave me all the reasons why should join and be apart of my friend's "team."

I was polite, naturally, after all she was a "friend" of a friend. Or so she said...

Gut feeling is everything! My gut said "this doesn't feel right!"

Attending a meeting (yes it got that far), watching the "show" seeing the "actors" and their staged presentations and my gut was screaming, "Yeah Right!"

Further research reiterated the gut feeling!

N21 & Amway may be for you - it is for some. The attendees I observed at the meeting I was at, were your average cashed up bogan, Kath and Kim types and the wanna-be James Packers (albeit without the business intellect or the family fortune)of this world. The "she's nice; he's a bit of a pratt," type neighbours we have all had at some point.

If the N21 & Amway philosophy was so amazing that you could earn mega money - why isn't Richard Branson, Steve Jobs et al part of anybody's team? Why aren't the Oswals?

Thanks Gillian, sounds very similar to a lot of people's experiences with this group, although I doubt those bogans are even cashed up! The reason it felt like a scam is because they all follow a script designed to: 1. be very deceptive, and 2. to put people into a trance to make them suggestible. If they were honest, upfront and a genuine legitimate business, people would not be calling it a scam! This is exactly the method cults follow. When anyone with half a brain listens to their attempt to convert friends into sales with these artificial methods it feels tacky and forced, so usually only very susceptible people fall for Multi Level Marketing, Network 21, and the Amway scam.

Why are their so many negative reviews? Why arn't legitimate business people, smart and rich investors saying how good Amway is? Don't say people like Robert Kiyosaki, he has a vested interest and is trying to sell his fictional books, and made his money only through selling books and seminars to Amway independent business owners in the first place (just like the tool king pins).
Why don't all financial advisors recommend it (except when they're trying to get you underneath them)? People like Paul Clitheroe? If it was so good, why don't people like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, James Packer write glowing reviews about it? Most likely because the only people in it that get rich are the owners and towards the top of the pyramid, or selling tools to others.
There are much easier ways for every day people to make money, without scams, taking advantage of people, lies or luck.


Helen Banda Bain said...

Hi Thank you for your informative article. Please help me, I joined the Amway and Network 21 but only found out later what it was about and decided to leave. I gave all the material and products back to the lady who introduced us. She now is saying that if we want to leave we must do it ourselves but we have no contact details for anyone and the network 21 website is password protected, what must I do , I need my money back, over R2000. I appreciate any help you can give!

Jess G said...

Hi there.. A good friend of mine has just joined Amway/Network 21.

She was working in a restaurant when a customer approached her and said "you are great with customers" and told her about Amway, got her number and took her to a meeting. My friend contacted me and asked me if I like to join her at a seminar to see what this is about and if I'd be interested. I went and the whole time felt like it was a scam. I do believe that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

My friend is having a seminar at her place tonight with all her friends to let everyone know about this business she has just started with her partner and of course to get in and recruit us. I'm going tonight and was originally going to get more info. But now after googling so much negative stuff about Amway I feel like getting all the information I have found and presenting it to my friend in the hope it may change her mind. I basically want to know if this is really something her and her partner should be doing. I'm quite worried as they have a young family and just don't feel right about this.

At the seminar I went to Tuesday night her "mentor" wanted me to join up there and then without me even speaking to my partner. They even had some known TV personalities who are Amway distributors to try and get me into it straight away. I mean you can feel the scam, why do these strange people you have never met want to make you rich?

I do think if you put 100% time, money & effort into Amway it may work but just not sure?

Any comments would be great :)
Jess G

Devos said...

"why do these strange people you have never met want to make you rich?"

They don't care about you, it's a selfish act to get you to join so they can maybe get paid some extra money, in an attempt to make themeslves rich. They want to take your money and hard work from you, so they can take advantage of you and make themselves a few dollars. Same goes for the people who recruited them, and so on, up the pyramid.

In reality even those who work hard in this system are doomed to fail just because the way they make money is to sell expensive products you don't need. It is completely flawed. It is a poor man's game, and relies on having more suckers underneath you. There are a lot of dumb people out there who join and will continue to, but I'd rather not trick people into joining something just to take advantage of them, and abuse my friendships.

If Amway was really any good it would sell itself, and would not need scam artist style hard selling and brainwash cult tactics.

Anonymous said...

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