Success in Network 21

Expecting to make money or get rich in this business opportunity if you work hard? When the fact of the 99+% failure rate of Network 21 and Amway is raised, people often rabbit "you only succeed if you put the effort in".
Whilst this is true with most things, it is also clear such people who believe they will succeed if only they try harder are blind to the fact that this system is a failure itself. It is also obvious that this is a mantra designed by those further up the MLM pyramid to belittle and make those who are smart enough to not join or leave early look foolish in the eyes of innocent newcomers and existing IBO's minds.

I am all for people trying and putting effort in, but only when there is a chance (even if small) that effort will equal results. This is a system with almost everything against your favour even if you try extremely hard and do sign ignorant people up (or spend thousands on tools or products), it is not a beneficial outcome for you, your friends and contacts, your health, your time, or your bank balance.

I also here this excuse of "they only failed because they didn't try hard enough" very often followed by "I just joined the other week", which indicates they have no idea of how the "money making" system works over time, what it takes to succeed, and if it is even possible, and can't possibly have succeeded if they just joined. Rather they are just spouting back propaganda drummed into them.

This false thinking shifts the blame away from the facts that Network 21's training and Amway business plan and strategy are flawed systems. If this system was so good, and the training was any good, the success rate would be extremely high, and the average amount of money earned by people would be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

I have yet to meet or read about anyone who has ever been successful with Amway, except for those at the top of tools scams, or heads of the company etc, which are not standard distributors anyway. Many (inly those in Amway) state it is a great business, but none of them have ever shown they actually earn a decent amount, or any amount. Prove me wrong, feel free to send me your tax return. 

However, the facts are almost everybody in this business fails, and for those who are in the system, most people barely earn anything. In fact many often lose money on expenses (and waste a lot of money on overpriced products) and almost all end up simply wasting a lot of time for no gain....and these are the people who are sticking with the system, and putting effort in.

According to Amway failure rate statistics only about 1 in 30,000 IBO earn an ok living (which might not even be a success depending on how many hours/years they have wasted and how many friends and family they have annoyed and lost due to harassment. Then if you're a bit luckier, 1 out of 200 actually earn less than minimum wage if they're lucky, and after that, most people actually lose hundreds of dollars a month. Yes, there are a very rare few who make money off this system (by scamming others), however, if you're in an Amway seminar / rally room filled with 5000 people and you also went to 6 other in different cities with all new people, and out of all of them there is just one successful person there on stage, statistically the chances of you being successful in Amway then drop to 0%, out of 6 whole cities!

To get rich and succeed with Amway and Network 21, you would need hundreds of gullible friends, ignorant to the scam and historical failure of Amway reps, to willingly buy overpriced products, for a very long time. For those people to be happy stay in Amway through earning anything, they would also need people to be under them, who also were willing to buy overpriced products. When you need ignorant people to constantly buy in underneath you, and the people underneath need more underneath their level to help you succeed, that is a pyramid scheme.

In regards to Amway product, most of which you either can find same or much better quality elsewhere, for much cheaper, or most products you don't actually need, or are worthless such as scientifically debunked vitamins and horrible "energy" drinks like XS, filled with unhealthy highly processed chemicals.

How many people in your distributor down line would be willing to continuously buy overpriced products for the sake of making you a little bit of money, and making Amway a lot more money? Not many, and of the few that you might be able to dupe into this, they surely would hate you when you realise you have signed them up just to take advantage of them, and leave, thus losing your downline. Or if they do stay, their own downline will likely do the same to them, because they are not making any money, and leave. If your downline is not making money, then they will leave, then you will not make any money. This is why it is almost impossible to make any money with Amway or Network 21, unless you the 1 in 30,000 who has no problem ripping off all your friends and family (and you get enough of them to stick with you, which is highly improbable), or you are the head of these Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing companies, and selling tools, which is another scam altogether.

These flaws in the multi level marketing system that everyone educated is usually aware of are one of the main reasons nobody signs up, except suckers, and even those suckers wise up soon enough once they realise there is no benefit for them in this scam, thus you all lose in the end.

Success in this particular system is simply not realistic (whilst it is much easier to make money in plenty of other businesses), and that is why it does not matter how hard you try, the chances of success in Network 21 are about 0%, and the chance of failure, no matter how hard you try is much closer to 100%. Think you can beat those odds, and be one of the very few who makes money in Amway? Go ahead...just like all the others before you who thought the same.
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How does Amway work?

Here is one of our reader's interpretations of how the Amway system really works:
nomorescamway writes his own "Amway Review":
Amway/Scamway they, the directs and above, will dangle what ever carrot they can in front of you to get you in. Next, they want you to buy cd's and books. There's always a cd of the week plus if you're "serious" you'll want to buy another three or four. Oh, and there's always a recommended book. Yes, you want to be on the same page as your upline diamond. This is all part of a mass programming scheme. Ideally that want to "hook" you on the tools so that you'll continue to buy them. While you're spending money on the tools they'll recommend that you come to your first "function." They will usually bring in your upline emerald or above to "pitch" the conference to you. They'll tell you how critical it is that you attend this event as it will give you a "jump start" on your fellow IBO's. What they don't tell you is that dirty secret...
the scam that it takes a few years of building the business to hear about. Simply put, the millions of dollars that these folks make, which allows them to live in expensive homes and drive expensive cars, comes from the tools that you're buying and the functions that you're attending. Oh, and wait. Guess what they have at those functions? They'll usually bring in a big music act. I know the new age musician, John Tesch, who used to be a tv host in the states, is friends with some of the leadership of network 21. He'll come to your functions to perform and bring his cd's with you. A small percentage of the sale of the cd's will go directly to network 21, since they're helping him push his cd's. Everyone wins. Or, they'll have a famous author at your function to speak to you, like Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He'll come to sing the praises of Amway and Network 21 and bring 10k in books, if not more. I guarantee you he'll move 9,995 of those books. A small percentage will go to the hosts and Robert will keep the rest. Do you see where the money is going now? Yup. The reason they push people to hit "emerald" is because this is the "secret circle." That's when they teach you how to market the tools and how to market the functions. They'll send out weekly messages one to two months before a function to get everyone excited. They do this because each emerald, or diamond, has a quota. That quota gives them an idea of how much they're actually going to make off of that one function.

In the end, Network 21, Britt Worldwide, Dreambuilders International are all the same thing. The dirty secret behind the business is they make money but constantly taking your money, selling you things they tell you will make money. Network 21 learned how to deceive from Dexter Yeager and Bill Britt. They're the masters of deceit.
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