Truth About Amway

Is the real "truth about Amway" that "Insider", site owner of "The Truth About Amway" that he is actually a professional Reputation Manager? If so where would we find out more information about these services - does this evidence leave IBOFightback exposed?
This question has been asked by many over the years.

Massive News for those familiar with the history of deceitful Amway business practices, We have some startling new facts about David Steadson AKA IBOFightback / IBOFB / Insider / Insider201283 / Icerat who runs the pro Amway site "The Truth About Amway". For years many have suspected him to be paid by Amway for public relations efforts and positive reporting. Finally he has been found to intend to offer such services to direct marketing corporations as a service provider of professional public relations image management and we have proof by his own admission below!

Talk about "selling your soul" for the almighty dollar.

For those who are not aware of David Steadson, he's known to go to any lengths to make his point. Accused by many of lying and spinning the truth on several other high profile Amway sites, it now appears he may in fact offer his spindoctor services for a living. He is the only vocal pro-Amway person on the internet we know of. He runs at least 20 (we found 23+) sites dedicated to attempting to improve the public image of Amway, Network 21 and Multi Level Marketing schemes in general. Unlike most information sites on the subject his have a positive slanted point of view, not in balance with the majority opinion that these companies do in reality suck.

What do we know about his role as a distributor? Details are shady and confusing, his answers on the matter are often vague and appear to contradict.
In one source from November 2008 it was claimed IBOFB was not building an Amway business and was "last fully active in 1999" and "this business" was "handed over to his ex-wife". We found reported that a "David Steadson" had a 100 PV business in Australia in 2008. On the Amway Australia website data reported IBO number 6195154 David Steadson from QLD Australia qualified for the minimum bonus level in 2008!
How does this contradiction occur? "I've operated 6 different and separate Amway businesses" IBOFB says.
Why would anyone operate that many Amway businesses? Cause for suspicion.
On Dec 17, 2009 he stated "I currently have three" when asked about his many Amway businesses.
That is not even more than a year and a half ago, yet last night we were informed of this interesting claim by Insider made only the other day "More than a decade ago I actively built an Amway distributorship, I have not done so for many years and that business was transferred to my former wife. Like many other people I continue to maintain a membership primarily for the purpose of getting Amway products" It seems the "truth about Amway" and David Steadson changes whenever it suits him? These conflicts and lack of clarity only hurt your credibility.

Some of the propaganda sites linked to him include: / / - Network 21 promo site Copyright issues?!/ibofb

and these are just the ones we found with a few minutes research, there are possibly many more.
Is the name a slip up anyway, "Insider", a reference to working from the inside of the company, not just an IBO? Or perhaps a reference to the movie about the real life situation of big tobacco companies, law suits, cover-ups and public relations gone mad?

Why would you, and what would motivate someone to run so many sites dedicated to one cause? Running a hobby site or 2 is way more effort dedicated than most people would want to waste time on, 20 is beyond obsession, more like profession. His rants on Wikipedia are enough for a part time job in themselves. I don't have the time nor inclination to read and dissect his over 2000 contributions efforts, mostly on Amway, Network 21 and MLM related articles under the alias Insider201283, but the truth is obvious to any half intelligent person that reads any of his edits.

It has long been reported on other sites sly tactics are used a lot on Wikipedia and on David's sites and other people's. Weasel words and examples like not even mentioning the phrase "pyramid scheme" when referencing the recent court case against Amway for alleged fraud, racketeering and operating an illegal pyramid scheme. Yet media outlets are using such phrases in their headlines and throughout the articles to discuss the matter, but why not David? This gives the impression to be an attempt to spin and distort the truth. Smart people can filter out cheap trickery and whitewashing, however it may work on a certain demographic, such as those less intelligent, more desperate in life people that pyramid schemes seem to attract that are not by nature critical thinkers but more like easily led sheep.

There seems to be a couple of minor efforts to keep him in check, but I think most people have better things to do with their time than sit on Wikipedia and makes hundreds and thousands of edits childishly arguing the rules to the same extent and a few other people on there do. Whatever the case, that is one sad excuse for a life.

So is there smoking gun evidence to backup these claims that David Steadson is paid to promote such companies, and trawl the internet all day attempting to fix their image?

There is circumstantial evidence, as mentioned by others in the past, made obvious in his own posts, and little things like Amway/Network 21 removing other people's videos due to copyright claims, yet allowing "Insider201283" to post all of these official Amway videos (and who do you think gives him these videos in the first place?), but this is not proof, only circumstancial evidence and just further raises suspicion.

Our attention was recently directed to these mysterious sites discovered:

Registered to one: David Steadson

Phone Contact: +46.732536211 Email:

From these sites:
"Reputation management in the Internet Age"
"TribeTech provides professional internet community development, monitoring, reputation research and crisis response services"
"Whether you like it or not, you and your company are being discussed on the Internet. With our unique cross-discipline experience in internet technologies, public relations, social media, and marketing we can help you build a positive brand presence on the internet, and in the marketplace.

Funny, isn't that the description of exactly what he is already doing for Amway with his websites, even if "hobby" level? That many sites pushing a positive Amway point of view by definition surely must be "reputation management" even if you wern't being paid cash. The content on those public relations service websites is clear admission and evidence he runs a website with a public relations reputation manager theme, they content boasts "experience" in the field, and implies they had intentions to enable his effort and services to be bought to fix companies public relations / reputation.

When you're already dedicating enough effort to your tonne of Amway sites, way beyond what we would call a hobby level, arguing on the internet, doing legal document research and constantly corresponding with official Amway employees, enough to easily be a part time (if not full time) job, where do you get time to run your reputation management / propaganda business? Everyone we've read on the matter, on what we deem neutral independent Amway blogs and websites have long been making accusations he does this for the direct marketing companies he mentions. At first glance this would seem to be the obvious conclusion, but apart from suspicions there was never any hard proof apart from his posts - that are not at all trustworthy. People on other sites have for years been taking stabs at disproving what they feel are lies and his credibility (and attempting to report his honest level in the Amway business), and most of us know not to trust a word of what he says ever, especially when he disguises his warped views and opinion with an undeserved authoritative tone.
Now it might make perfect sense that some part of the Amway organisation could be paying Mr Steadson, and if you ask us, the fact he has a site offering his services for these exact accusations is pretty damning though inconclusive, but the public relations service sites he operates are an admission to the extent he is willing to go and the experience he has already.

So, if it were true, who would pay the money to Mr Steadson for his efforts, is it Amway Global, Network 21, Jim Dornan, Alticor or perhaps some obscure shady Delaware corporation? It is doubtful he will ever come clean and admit who pays him for his reputation management services no matter who (if anyone) it was, but if I had to guess my money would be on the IBOAI, or some other general Multi Level Marketing association or other Amway front group.
Just another tick in the box for these merchants of deception.
To be clear, that should not be taken as a claim of fact we are inferring any of these groups pay for such services. There is no proof we know of to say who if anyone has ever paid Mr Steadson, but people will naturally draw conclusions based on his own statements and history.

Another piece of the puzzle has been put in place about his credibility, not that he had any credibility online with us and many others in the know to begin with, as you can see by Googling some of his many aliases.

Operating these businesses, and working in other IT fields as reported on his other sites is proof enough that the Amway system is a failure. After more than 10 years being in Amway he obviously is not living on an island paradise, but we get the impression he is in fact working at least one JOB or at least worked in several jobs whilst in Amway, constantly busy, and divorced? Not really the picture of a successful Amway person is it? Can you believe this guy through all his online efforts is essentially the public face of, and self proclaimed expert on Amway?
It is almost impossible to know the truth about the claims people have made, even if one day it was irrefutably proven Amway was not paying David Steadson and for arguments sake let's just imagine he had no vested interest, was earning no commissions from Amway, and honestly was just doing it for the love of the company, success or not. At best, he comes off as a zealot with questionable motives, and a bit mad. What sane person would champion Amway so fiercely, and waste so much time with all those websites, trying to fix their tattered image as a complete business scam for tools, supporting someone who is considered a pyramid scheme and a scam by many normal people? We could never do such a thing, we have too much integrity and think you'd have to be not quite right in the head to be living such a lie when we know the truth about these companies. Who would put up with such a man?
With enough MLM dedicated sites and tasks to potentially be more work than a full time job. Spending thousands of hours hyping up Amway and Network 21 would be enough to drive anyone away.

Let's suppose everything he said were true and he was just legitimately sticking up for Multi Level Marketing scam groups (though only selectively for obvious reasons), this still would equate to a tragic excuse for a life.

Now, the other far fetched hypothesis that even if Mr Steadson came out and admitted he was on the payroll as a paid representative or employee of Amway (even if it was technically disguised as a 3rd party consultant or other covert tactic), is he not doing such a poor job, accused by many of spreading lies, stretching the truth, and giving a biased representation of the truth that people can see through the marketing hype? When your stories, research and opinions you present as gospel seem so biased, do not seem at all genuine, why would Amway pay (or even allow for free) anyone to stuff up their reputation so badly. Isn't he doing a lot more harm than good, which is hilariously ironic if they are paying for such poor service. Don't assume he is a paid shill, consider it a possibility perhaps as you would for anyone, but do assume he honestly is not paid by Amway to promote them, to be fair he adamantly expresses this to be true, and may well be. If you consider this does this just make him seem illogical and fit the definition of insanity? What sane person would run 23+ sites dedicated to a company normal people hate or feel is a scam? It seems extreme, and over the top, and definitely not quite right, whatever the motives, love or money.

Many others have made logical conclusions and accused him of being a paid shill. I think the far more interesting conclusion is that he is not paid to promote, but rather he genuinely actually believes every word of what he states as fact, even though he knows so much about Amway, all the court cases and satanic claims etc etc, he choses to support it!
Reminds me of how often women in a domestic violence cases use the line "No, he doesn't mean it, he loves me", but others see something completely different.
Especially when it has been proven time and time again their products are expensive and the business model flawed. The person who should know the flaws most is someone who runs an unhealthy amount of themed Amway websites, yet through thick and thin supports it.

Very special thanks to those who wrote in and helped provide research and Wikipedia references, I can't use it all unfortunately. We've had a surprising spike in feedback lately, and we appreciate it all, from the poorly typed insults and rebuttals from scammers, spammers and brainwashed idiots, to the cries for help from those family members who feel their loved ones have been suckered in, and of course all the helpful feedback and support.


Joecool said...

I'm certainly no fan of David Steadson/IBOFB, but what proof do you have other than the fact that he's created many blogs defending Amway?

david steadson said...

Gee I hope that nickname "Mr Million" is right. You haven't even got the details of my divorce correct, let alone the other claims.

Australian internet defamation law is quite clear. The only thing saving you is your cowardly anonymity.

Confident you're correct? Fess up your name and I'm more than happy to take it to court and we can discuss it there.

Otherwise I recommend you remove this post.

Joecool said...

Maybe Mr. Steadson should identify what is inaccurate so that it can be taken under consideration for removal? :-)

rocket said...

Steadson, just 2 questions (Not that I would ever expect a straight answer form you)

Do the websites and belong to you?

Has Amway retained the services of that company or in any way, shape, or form?

This looks bad for you, and unfortunately pretty much confirms what anyone with a brain suspected.

Mr Million said...

Thanks for your response David (except for the abusive ones), we do strive to report things honestly.
We are careful to present facts and information that is all publicly verifiable, or is otherwise honest opinion.
The main facts presented and verifiable are that you run a freakish amount of Amway sites (with enough effort to attempt to heavily manage and influence the reputation) and that you have another 2+ sites dedicated to a Reputation Management business as a professional service.
It's not meant as a personal attack, and is a light hearted piece, sincere apologies if it caused any offence, but our aim is to report the honest truth. Which statements in particular in the post are you threatened by or feel are false? We'll be more than happy to edit false statements, as it is our honest intention to print the truth.

david steadson said...

1. Neither I nor any of my companies/businesses are paid by Amway or anyone else, either directly or indirectly, to promote them on Wikipedia or any of my sites. This is already clearly stated on my main sites. You know this and have willfully ignored it.

2. I have never knowingly stated anything false (that is, lied) on ''any'' website, including my Amway related sites. I fully admit to being human and occasionally saying something that turned out to be wrong. Mea culpa.

3. I do not "post heavily biased contributions" to sites like wikipedia, nor attempt to "character assassinate" people I may disagree with. In truth and fact I have ''"originated"'' and written a deal of the "negative" information on Amway and some related companies on Wikipedia. Unlike yourself, who has to the best of my research not contributed a single "positive" edit to the Amway related articles, I'm attempting to provide actual facts and a truly balanced picture.

4. A year or more ago I considered starting a company to provide reputation management services to direct selling companies. I believe(d) there was a market for such services and most companies were doing it poorly. A mockup website was created but never finished (hence the amount of "lorem ipsum" text in the site) and the concept was never proceeded with. The company was never formed, never marketed, and never had any clients. The sites and names are now a division of another company I part-own, which has nothing to do with direct sales, and will be focused on internet community building.

3. My wife did not leave me, a claim I see you now removed. Not that it was any of your damn business.

4. My original Amway Australia business reached a significantly higher level than 3%. To state or imply otherwise is false. The recognition you are citing is not for that business, which exists to this day, generating an income for my former wife.

5. The vast majority of the websites you claim I "run" have not been updated in years, if ever. Several were simply "grabbed" when the domain names became available for whatever reason, others were automatically created when accounts were required to comment on other blogs hosted by the same providers. A number were created when I was having trouble getting google to pickup my website updates. When this problem was solved I stopped updating them. To claim I am actively maintaining these sites is false.

6. Any material I have posted on websites that has not already been publicly available, including videos, is usually available to IBOs in private areas of Amway websites, on Amway DVDs, or via email lists. I have registered as an IBO in several countries, in part so that I have access to this material for my websites. Naturally I have made contact with many "insiders" at Amway and associated BSM companies thanks to my websites. ''Very'' rarely I have been provided with other information in advance by these "insiders". Amway has in fact asked me to remove several videos from my youtube channel as they were no longer approved.

7. I do not have "at least one JOB" and have not been an employee for anyone since around 1998. I have done occasional contract and consulting work in a range of fields but have been primarily involved in my own entrepreneurial endeavours.

Virtually your entire post, including it's prime thesis that I'm a "paid shill" is false and defamatory.

Mr Million said...

1.I have acknowledged your position, any statements deemed offensive have been checked and edited. I have not stated as fact that Amway pays you to promote them, even if indirectly you are paid through your work as an Amway IBO, part of which by it's nature requires promotion.
The facts are clear, you run an enormous amount of Amway sites, and your reputation with most I've read is far from pure. The other fact is you have 2 websites dedicated to public relations services. The general concensus is that this is highly suspicious given your online reputation.

2.Ignorance is no excuse, they say Hitler believed himself. The post only states that people have acused you of this. Those who wish to look into it further can draw their own conclusions from the many other posts on other people's websites labelling you as such.

3. These opinions have been expressed by others, and is labelled as such. I suggest you use your reputation management skills to improve your own image on other websites, which is where much of the information was sourced.

4. The claims on the website are you have experience in the field in public relations and are promoting services as a professional reputation manager. There is nothing defaming about that, you admit that. The fact you spend a lot of time dedicated to Amway's online public relations (hobby or not) should raise questions about how you got this experience.
Whatever the truth it is very suspicious, and as stated by others, this looks bad for you.

3. Yes of course only the truth should be stated as fact. Your ex wife has been mentioned several times on other sources as part of your business operations with Amway, and thus forms an important part of your story. If you do not want her mentioned, then you should not have mentioned it publicly.

4. I am only reporting what has been reported on other sources and from you, and the contradictions within all those claims. If you would like to provide more information I would love to know.

5. I never stated they were all active and to what degree of time they consume, the fact is it's a lot of sites. I do not buy your excuses such as that you had to set up some sites dedicated to Amway content just so you could post a comment.

6.Again, caused great suspicion, they still allow it, and your motives for posting it cause concern.

7. Clarified, thankyou.

In regards to what else youve said I think you are getting me or my contact with you confused with one or more people online. In regards to your menacing threats of legal action, whilst I would partly enjoy it and do love a good legal debate, sorry I honestly do not believe on oath that you would tell the truth.

We do wish to abide by the law, and give you just legal rights, and are attempting to be as reasonably civil as possible to accommodate you and report the truth. If you still have issues with the post, point out the offending statements. Opinions are a prerogative, and as much as you don't like them, you will have to cop it sweet. The facts pointed out are all pubicly verifiable.

I do advise people never to assume especially on guilt or innocence, and only to always question what is spoon fed to them. Critical thinking is missing from a lot of people's mindsets, and is a very important skill, especially when confronted by get rich quick schemes and the like, or others trying to take advtange of you, and make money from you.

David Steadson said...

Your post continues to be a false and defamatory. You really thinking lying and calling me a "professional reputation manager" makes a difference?

And while reposting others lies may be a defence in the US, it's not in Australia.

And you don't even have the decency to post my replies.

It never ceases to amaze me how Amway/MLM critics like yourself rant on about the supposed lack of integrity of Amway, yet again and again display how little of it they have themselves.

Mr Million said...

You have been given a fair right of reply. There is no rule anywhere saying I should post every rant, abuse, threat, junk, disinformation, incorrect assumption and lie that gets written as a comment.

'You really thinking lying and calling me a "professional reputation manager" makes a difference'
The fact you admitted in your previous comment:
"A year or more ago I considered starting a company to provide reputation management services to direct selling companies"
The site also states clear as day that you have experience in the industry of such services (or is that a lie?) You either do have experience working in public relations as per your site, or you're admitting your site contains fraudulent statements, which is it?

These are essentially the only 2 points that this post is saying and you have stated and made admission that you did consider offering such services, so you have cancelled out your claims of defamation. There are no other potentially damaging claims of fact that we are aware of, and we do clearly state the conclusion that you honestly believe what you say to be true.

There is nothing false at all stated, however you have just accused me of lying, which is defaming.

Joecool said...

I suspect that David Steadson/IBOFB earns more from google ads than he does from Amway.

Thanks for posting this article.

exScAmway said...

Mr Million

Very informative.

"The fact you admitted in your previous comment:
"A year or more ago I considered starting a company to provide reputation management services to direct selling companies""

Perhaps you should start making screenshots so that Steadson cannot later deny this.

And yes, perhaps Joecool is right: "earns more from google ads" - a very real possibility, imho.